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Our Cooking Club for Kids needs support from you! Please spread the word about the work we are doing for kids with allergies and their classroom teachers!


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our cooking club for kids with food allergies. Learn how we got started, how we prepare food, and how we structure our food allergy club meetings. To start your own club, too, check out our FACILITATOR GUIDEBOOK! It is free to download.

What's our Food Allergy Cooking Club for Kids About?


We're a support group for food allergy kids and their friends that cook!

image of boy character diagnosed with celiac diseaseCilie Yack's Sous Club is a cooking club for kids with celiac disease and food allergies offering educational materials, games, contests,  coloring sheets, food allergy news, recipes, and more. It is all just for kids. Everything is written by our club mascot, Cilie Yack, is done in simple language so that an elementary school aged child can understand it. Our materials try to challenge and teach kids' peers about food allergies and intolerances. But more importantly, it teaches allergy suffering kids how to prepare food for themselves and gain a little kitchen independence.

We offer a COOKING CLUB CURRICULUM. This curriculum has materials parents of kids with food allergies can use to start their own local support group in their neighborhood. Our kids club curriculum is easy for parents to use. Parents don't need advanced knowledge about food allergies to implement a club. We offer two club guide books: A FOOD ALLERGY SHOPPING GUIDE and a FACILITATOR GUIDEBOOK.

We are very happy you have found us today. You are probably here because there is a child in your life with food allergies. Are you are looking to join a support group that will help your child cope with his or her dietary restrictions? Look no further! Our club is designed to offer you the framework you will need to organize and start a fun kid-centered cooking club in your own school or neighborhood. Cilie Yack's Sous Club for Kids is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization incorporated in Illinois on July  1, 2010, and it is based on a character with celiac disease in a children's chapter book entitled, Cilie Yack is Under Attack.

Our mission is to get kids eating healthy, allergy-free foods and loving it through a social cooking club that serves the needs of children on restrictive diets due to diagnosed auto immune disorders, neurological disorders, and/or food allergies and intolerances. Our club use recipes that are free from the top eight allergens, gluten, and corn in all their curriculum activity books to widen the scope and effectiveness of the program.

You will find only recipes that are free from the top 8 allergens, Gluten, and Corn! All the recipes you will find in our online curriculum and also in the upcoming activity books will follow this guideline, too. Kids with additional allergies can be accomodated, so please don't let an allergy to grapes, beef, coconuts, or sesame seeds stop you from joining our club!

Our club is structured to make it easy for volunteers to start up their own local chapter. We offer you the materials and will structure the rules and regulations of the organization for your club, freeing up your time and energy to organize, fundraise, and hold meetings for your local club. Local volunteer facilitators like yourself only need to focus on getting your core group of kids together, finding an appropriate space, applying for membership by filling out the necessary forms, collecting the membership dues from your participants, and budgeting the money for food costs and supplies throughout the year. We will provide the craft ideas, experiments, activity sheets, recipes, and inspirational materials that will empower your kids manage and proactively teach others about their condition and dietary needs. We have a forum board for you to use to help you organize and connect with other interested parents. Our club includes an online community, too, that will give local clubs a private social network similar to Facebook but with many safety measures incorporated to protect minors. This community can be used whatever way you see fit. You can make your club completely private and isolatated and only accessible to the kids in your local club. You can allow your child's profile to be public so that he or she can network with other kids who have similar allergies. The power is yours.

Our Cooking Club for Kids with Food Allergies gives a Shout out to our Volunteers


Thanks from Our Cooking Club for kids with food allergies!

stand-rightCilie Yack's Sous Club for Kids, Inc., a food allergy support group for kids, has had a lot of help getting off the ground.

We've had support from food allergy chefs like Joel Schaeffer, and technical support from various website developers, hosting providers, and curriculum developers.

We also couldn't have gotten our feet off the ground without the support of local food allergy businesses like Lil's Dietary Shop and Pass Health Foods. But the most important help has come from our family, neighbors, and friends.

We officially kicked off the club in Jauary 2011 with this special website for kids. Since that time we have been working diligently on improving, updating, and refining our curriculum and our online presence. We have much more in store for our club, but we need your help. Please consider making a small donation to make our dreams a reality. We want to develop more technology for kids and offer a solid training program for parents and teachers. This takes funding and volunteers to accomplish. We've come a long way, but there is still a long way to go. Please help us get there.

Thanks to all our volunteers behind the scenes working hard to help us create two valuable resources for families affected by food allergies and digestive disorders:

Let's give kids with food allergies something to get excited about! We can't make this program a success without your active participation. Are you interested in organizing a local chapter with the materials we provide? Please look at our "Kick off the Club" online curriculum

Kids on restricted diets need the support of their peers and a chance to know what it feels like to enjoy eating food without the worry.  With our cooking club for kids they learn food facts and become part of a local support group. The kids in our pilot program really enjoyed being active in a specialized cooking club tailored to their food restrictions and safety needs. Siblings also benefited by learning more about food allergy safety, cross contamination, and preparing easy snack meals.

As the club's national charter organization we will continually seek out funding and people of talent to assure our organization's continual growth and maturity as a viable entity in the food-allergy community. We promise to build upon the rough framework of this web site. If you have special talents or skills and would like to get more involved in our national organization please contact us. Our goal is to make Cilie Yack's Sous Club for Kids, Inc. a vibrant resource for both the kids and adult volunteers like yourself. The process of building and growing our club will be a slow and continual process. We thank you for your support, interest, and patience. Our tax id is: 27-2909628. Contributions to our club are deductible according to section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. We are also qualified to receive tax deductive bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts under section 2055, 2106, or 2522 of the Code.

Welcome to Cilie's Allergy Safe Cooking Club for Kids

Kids with Allergies...

Cilie Yack's Cooking Club is for Kids like You!

Welcome to my Cooking Club for Kids!

cilieauthorBoys and girls, do you have a severe food allergy or multiple food allergies? Then our special cooking club is just the place for you! In our special food allergy support group you will learn all about food, and make friends with other kids who also have food allergies too.

I'm so glad you found us today! My name is Cilie and I live in Co. Clare, Ireland with my two younger brothers. I'm a kid who had a lot of problems at home and at school before my parents learned that I was allergic to wheat and gluten. Once I stopped eating gluten foods and food with wheat I started feeling a whole lot better. Then one day I learned that wheat is one of the most common food allergies. I wondered if there were other kids with wheat allergies or gluten allergies that might live near me. I soon learned that even though there wasn't another kid in my school with celiac disease, there were other kids with one or more of the top eight allergens. We had something in common!

Did you read my life story in Cilie Yack is Under Attack?

Mum said it’s a good idea to share it because even though I’m the ONLY kid at my school with celiac disease there are tons of kids in schools all over the world just like me. So if I’m not alone (and I live in a really small town) then YOU are NOT alone either! Do you have food allergies? Do you have a friend with them? Welcome to my website for kids.

I sincerely hope you become a member of our cooking club for kids. I like making new friends, especially kids like me who love to cook for fun. Take a look around. If you like what you see please join!

For Parents

Visit our Media page for more information about our non-profit organization. If you'd like to hear a personal letter from the club's founder, visit: Hear a Message for Food Allergy Parents from our Cooking Club President.

Our Club's Disclaimer

Our Purpose is to support the families of children with food allergies through news, information, recipes, crafts, and allergic-specific curriculum. The information we offer is not intended to replace the advice of a medical doctor. We cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions resulting from information we provide. Brands used in recipes on this site should be verified by the manufacturer as food allergy safe by the consumer before use. Manufacturers are known to change their formulations and production processes. We encourage our visitors to read all product labels and confirm their allergen safety with the manufacturer.

Our Club is Tailored for Kids with Food Allergies

Parents of food allergic kids...

Our Cooking Club is Tailored for Kids with Food Allergies

Does your child have food allergies? Consider our allergy support group

Has your child with food allergies ever gone to a party and felt ALONE and awkward during the snack and cake times? If you have a kid with multiple food allergies it is impossible to make them feel like they are one of the gang. I bet you’ve spent a lot of time just wishing that they could eat whatever everyone else was having.

I know how that feels because I am a kid with food allergies and celiac disease. This means I can't eat foods with gluten or wheat in them. But I also do best when I avoid a whole bunch of unhealthy processed junk foods and artificial stuff because celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder.

I used to feel bad about my allergies and having celiac. Once I wished I was like everybody else so badly that I’ve even cheated on my diet when my parents weren’t paying attention. But that was a really bad idea because it really made me feel sick, not to mention I felt really guilty for being sneaky about it. There is nothing worse than getting an allergic reaction to food at a party.

But that was all before I decided to join Cilie Yack's Sous Club, a cooking club for kids with food allergies. It has only been a few years, but boy has my life changed for the better.

Would your child with food allergies like to join me, and become part of our Sous Club? Our membership is growing every day and I would love, love.... LOVE to have another food loving culinary kid to share recipes and ideas with! We have fun games, an online curriculum, and we write about food allergy news in a way that kids can understand. Our club will give your child food allergy support right in your neighborhood.

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Picture Recipes

These are some of the recipes in our cooking club curriculum. Visit our CILIE YACK CHANNEL on YouTube and subscribe!