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Need a Food Allergy Shopping Guide?


Use This Food Allergy Shopping Guide for Top 8 Allergens, Gluten, and Corn

The food allergy information provided in this food allergy shopping guide will give families with detailed shopping help for safe food shopping. Our intention is to provide a comprehensive resource for food allergy families. This document is best when used while shopping for safe foods. You can print out the information you need from our food allergy shopping guide and take it with you when you shop. We have also provided several linked resources in our food allergy shopping guide, making it a great page to bookmark on your mobile device or tablet. View the document while you are shopping and reading labels.

Our food allergy shopping guide is a well researched list of common food ingredients and derivatives. Many food allergy experts took the time to add to this list, review it, and point out errors and omissions.

An image of the top 10 most common food allergens.

Our list is by no means a complete list, but it is the most extensive one you will find to date anywhere online. You are free to use our food allergy guidebook for your personal use and to freely share with other food allergy families. Reprints of our food allergy guidebook are prohibited unless approved by our club in writing.

Use the list as your personal food allergy shopping guide when purchasing foods for the club. It is also a great learning tool for allergy families just starting out.

Please take Precautions if you have a Corn Allergy!

The Food Allergy Labeling Law of 2004 does not include corn or meat products. The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Law of 2004 prohibits the use of ingredients containing the top eight allergens without specific allergen labeling on product packages. But this law does not apply to meats or to products containing corn derivatives.

Be an Educated Food Allergy Consumer

Please be aware that new patents on food processing and manufacturing are constantly being filed. This means that formulas on prepackaged foods are subject to change at any time. The same product you are used to buying may have new ingredients or a more economical patented process that will make it suddenly unsafe for your child. Laws are there to protect food allergic children. So read the labels every time you buy.

There may be additional derivatives since this Food Allergy Shopping Guide was first published. Please use the comment section to bring anything to our attention. When we all work together we can accomplish more.


Please contact the manufacturer to verify a food is allergen free if you have any doubt or suspicions.

And visit our Helpful Food Allergy Links page to view links to food manufacturers, recipe sites, and support groups for celiac and food allergy families.



Picture Recipes

These are some of the recipes in our cooking club curriculum. Visit our CILIE YACK CHANNEL on YouTube and subscribe!