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Does it have High or Low Viscosity? A Viscosity Experiment for Kids

These Activity Sheets about Viscosity Are Part of Our Cake Baking Unit for Kids

cartoon image of chocolate cakecilieauthorSo you want to learn the science required for proper cake baking? Well you've come to the right place, kids! Viscosity is an important thing to understand when you are trying your hand at baking.

By the way, I'm an expert on the subject, since I won my own reward in Co. Clare, Ireland! If you haven't heard about it, just check out my book! I tell the whole story about how I became a celebrity in my home town at the age of 9! 

So if cake baking is your interest, then dig into Unit 4! Use these group activity sheets after you complete your experiment on viscosity and do the Reading about Depression Cakes. These activity sheets are a great follow up to the Unit 3 Cooking Club Curriculum's Reading Activity, The Science of Cake Baking.

You can follow up by using our cupcake making recipe that is safe for kids with food allergies to the top 8 allergens, gluten and even corn, too. The recipe also offers a fun little history lesson about the Great Depression, as I said before. What's a depression cake? It's a cake made without eggs or milk. Kids will love learning a little bit of food science and learning how to use acids, bases, and viscosity. It takes all this knowledge to create an allergy friendly cupcake. Share it with all the kids in your class to enjoy, even the ones who are allergic to eggs or have a dairy allergy.

Not yet convinced you have what it takes? You don't know what guar gum is? You never heard of xanthan gum? You want to learn how gluten free bakers make desserts that taste almost the same as a regular cupcake? Unit 4 in our Cooking Club Curriculum is just the place for you to be!

Just click on the images of the activity sheets to download the PDF file. 

For Kids ages 5-7 For Kids ages 8-11




Picture Recipes

These are some of the recipes in our cooking club curriculum. Visit our CILIE YACK CHANNEL on YouTube and subscribe!