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Start a Club for Food Allergy Kids with this Facilitator's Guidebook


Begin by Downloading our Cooking Club's Free Facilitator Guidebook

The Facilitator Guidebook for our Kids Cooking ClubDo you have a child with food allergies? When you start your own food allergy cooking club your child will benefit greatly. This kind of support group will offer your child peer support, loads of food fun, and valuable food safety knowledge. Our Club has the resources you need to get started building your own cooking club in your own neighborhood with your children and their friends.

After six months in review our official FACILITATOR GUIDEBOOK was completed in December 2010. It contains everything you will need to start a club from scratch. The document is over 75 pages long. It includes safety rules, sign up sheets, tips for organizing, attendance sheets, posters, forms for parents to fill out, and helpful guidelines for running your own program. Feel free to check it out! It is absolutely free to download and view.

The program has been endorsed by Joel Schaefer of Allergy Chefs, Inc, who took the time to read and review our proof manual for us. Mr. Schaefer is the former Product Development and Special Diets Manager for Walt Disney World Resort and has his certification as a Chef de Cuisine with the American Culinary Federation. He is currently the Research and Development Chef at Allergy Free Foods, and the author of a soon to be released book, entitled: Serving People with Food Allergies: Kitchen Management and Menu Creation

Joel says, "My overall impression of the Cilie Yack's Sous Club program is great. This is a very thorough guide book. It is well written and organized with a lot of good information. It shows that you spent many hours preparing this document and doing research."

In January 2011 we virtually launched the program, which means that our curriculum, recipies, and contests are available to the general public for viewing and we are officially accepting charitable donations from sponsors and individuals. Our founding members will create additional clubs in our area and run them as part of our initial charter program. During this time we will create training materials and recruit volunteer parents to assist the clubs that we are running in our neighborhood. We hope to open up membership availability to addtional charter clubs in any neighborhood in the coming years. In the mean time, check us out here to see what it's all about! And stay tuned for upcoming information on our club curriculum!



Picture Recipes

These are some of the recipes in our cooking club curriculum. Visit our CILIE YACK CHANNEL on YouTube and subscribe!